Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Safety When Walking

This is my walking companion, Porter. I haven't trained him to look at the camera while I'm trying to take a photo. You can tell by the way he is sitting that he is still fairly young, but I think he is a good deterrent for anybody wanting to mess with us while out and about. He is a fun loving pound puppy.

One area that we walk by has 2 very large German Shepherd dogs that love to snarl and bark and look mean as heck at us. We have history with the dogs. When my niece was living with me her and a friend were riding bikes passed the house. The younger of the two Shepherds came into the street and bit her. We made a police report and filed a complaint with animal patrol. The owner agreed to get the dogs under control and behind a fence. We didn't pursue it as long as she was going to follow through. (as a side note, she didn't offer an apology or payment for pants that were ruined!) The area is now fenced (it is a short fence) and although I don't feel extremely safe I do go by the house several times a week.

The gate entering the property was not closed all the way yesterday. The younger dog headed off the property and straight for us. It scared the holy moses out of me and I am thankful my dog isn't a bully and grateful I had him with me. I am also so very thankful the bigger meaner dog didn't see how the younger one got out or we would have had 2 of them to deal with!!!

We get greeted by dogs quite a bit while out walking. Most of them don't come out baring their teeth and snarling. Needless to say I won't be walking this way again until I get a can of pepper spray to carry with me. Does anybody have another good idea to deal with mean dogs?
I'm serious, please leave me a comment or send me an email.

This photo isn't a picture of the dog but it looks pretty similar to what I saw yesterday!!

Update: A guy who works for the local water department says they make dog mace for their meter readers. He is going to get me one to carry while I'm out walking. I'm sure I won't have to use it but I think I'll feel safer knowing I have it in my pocket.

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