Thursday, January 15, 2009

Balancing Your Points Values

It is really important to keep a balance when we are trying to lose weight. This week we called that Flexible Restraint. This provides enough structure to limit our food intake but avoids feelings of deprivation and tight restrictions. Flexible Restraint is a great strategy for lasting weight loss. Sometimes we need the flexibility and sometimes we need restraint!

Monitoring yourself is a great place to start. How do know you are being satisfied if you can't remember what you've eaten? Do you have enough points left to indulge in an evening snack? Writing it down is the place to start.

Three things to think about as you try to balance your Points values:
1. Hunger is hazardous. Have you let yourself get so hungry that you will eat anything in your path? Knowing you are getting a little hungry is good, letting yourself go for hours without food can be downright hazardous!
Have you just finished eating and you are still hungry? Make sure you are getting plenty of filling foods that will fill you up and give you some satisfaction.

2. Choose foods you love. Are you eating foods you don't like just because they are "diet"? One of the rules I gave myself when I joined Weight Watchers was that I would not eat food I didn't like just because it was low in points or calories. (think about the old fashioned rice cakes that used to taste like cardboard!Yuck!!)

3. Plan meals and snacks that are satisfying. Have you tried any new herbs or spices? What a great way to jazz up and old favorite. Are you making sure you are getting a full portion size?

Think about your balance. Is the plan livable and sustainable. That is key to success!!!


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