Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't Feed Your Feelings

We will have a hard time loosing weight successfully if we eat when we aren't hungry. We need to learn to recognize when we are feeding our feelings. It is important for us to FEEL those feelings and find non food ways to deal with them.

Think about how you feel when you really are hungry. What signals you need food? is your stomach growling? Has it been a couple hours since you've eaten? Are you getting a headache? Shaky? If you have any of these symptoms get yourself some healthy fuel and eat!

If you know you should not be hungry, are you disappointed? Bored? Angry? Happy? Stressed? Tired? Lonely? Sad?

First off you should be tracking your hunger signals. Over time you may be able to notice trends and see more clearly when your emotions are making a difference in the way you eat.
What emotion is causing you to turn to food?
What are some non food responses you could choose rather then food? Can you call a friend? Do some yoga moves? Go for a short walk?
If boredom is the problem, can you take a class? Learn a craft? Read a book? Pray?
Be prepared by knowing what you'll do when the emotion strikes! It shouldn't take you 10 minutes to find your book or your glasses!

Managing your emotions is key to long term weight loss!

"If hunger is not the problem, Food is not the answer."

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