Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Check In

Last week you posted your goal for the week. How did you do? Was it manageable? Too much? Super simple?
I made my goals for the week but am barely getting in 3x of strength training. I am hoping to exert a little more or add a day. I also bought a new bottle of vitamins once I realized mine were a year out of date!!

I have a little notebook that I am keeping track and I have to keep it easy or it won't get done.

I write the date on the top and my list on the page:
Aerobic (walking, jogging, biking)
Strength training

That's it. I put how many minutes on the walking and a check mark on the others. Mid week and at the end of the week I can go back and check my progress.
How are you keeping track of your progress?

In a bigger notebook I wrote down everybody's goals and look forward to hearing about your week!! Do you need to make changes?

Juliann, you are on no reply and I would love to reply to your comments. If you could send me an email (you'll find it in my profile) I'd love to respond!!


  1. I started the Couch to 5K program this week - loaded the ap on my I-phone and then headed out for my first run. I also did two days of upper body work. Vitamins,water, veggies and fruit - check, check, check. For me it is about feeling healthy so I appreciate your advice to stay off the scale.

  2. Had a bad week last week with activity, this week my goal is to walk 3x for 30 minutes. Long term goal is to build up to 5x week and add some light weights.


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