Monday, May 16, 2011

Invest in Your Feet

These are similar to my new shoes

When was the last time you invested in your feet? You don't have to break the bank to find a good pair of walking or running shoes, but it is important.  I like to have a pair of tennis shoes that is just for exercise, walking or running. I got a new pair last week and wow, they feel fantastic! I went to Footzone and they watched me walk, then measured my feet. Can you believe they recommended one whole size larger then I had been wearing?! My other shoes did not feel tight at all, but the secret is a little room in your toes but no slippage or slogging around on the rest of the shoe. I think I have put about 10 miles on them and so far, so good.
It was funny because they wanted to film my feet running on a treadmill with the new shoes on to make sure the fit was ok for my step. I don't do treadmills!! Thanks goodness it was only 30 seconds, 'cause I would have been really embarrassed had I fallen off! LOL They didn't have me going that fast but because I wasn't used to it it felt like I was going really fast. I'm already the type of person that gets intimidated easily...especially if it has anything to do with sports..

But, I lived to tell you all about it and I highly recommend a "professional" fit from a walking or running store.

How's everybody's week going? I'm trying to lose a few pounds but not one has budged! I'm back to tracking and drinking more water.


  1. I love the picture on the header!

    This post could not have come at a better time. I have worn out both my pairs and it is high time that I go and get new pair of shoes. As much as we know the right things to do, reminders are always a good thing!
    I am not much of a treadmill walker either.. I think I would even look funny..
    Walking everyday.. minimum three miles
    No weight loss.. just feeling great:)

  2. Unfortunately AFAIK there's no such professional service like Footzone here :( If there was it WOULD break the bank!

    Will try to start walking again tomorrow morning.

  3. I am hoping to get to the shoe store tomorrow for a new pair - just waiting for a coupon and a sale :)
    still drinking water - pretty good with my fitness journal, and very good with my mileage!

  4. Just took my new shoes for a nice run.


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