Monday, March 5, 2012

Mixing it Up!

This past weekend I went to my SIL's near Tacoma, WA. She showed me some paths to go running. It was so nice to mix it up and get a different view. I forgot how much I like to run in different places.(I suggest bringing your smart phone so you can find your way back home!)

I am not used to running in forests. I was raised in this climate but now live in the high desert. It was really terrific!!

I had to stop and take a photo of the Puget Sound.

I loved the big mossy tree!
On my way home I stopped by my son's studio and had a workout.
He had my working out on the battling ropes.
Using medicine balls.
Pushing this sled around the parking lot. See the other side of where he is pushing? The short bar running horizontal? Instead of turning the whole thing around he had me pushing down that low. It was an awesome workout!!
And during a short part of my workout he had me wear this weighted vest!!

It really reminded me to be sure and mix up my workouts and not do the same thing again and again.
Yep, I'm sore today!! LOL

How do you mix it up?


  1. You go girl! That's one heck of a work out. You're probably discovering muscles you never knew you had! LOL!!

    I saw those kind of 'high-tech' tools when I watched Jeremy Lin training on YouTube.

  2. I added the Nike Training Club app to my phone - it has lots of workouts - very much like Cross Fit. Last week we also added a new trail to our run routine. This one has hills and we are hoping to run it once a week to get that hill training in. How is your marathon training going?


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