Monday, September 10, 2012

Addicted to Sugar

I'm doing a bit of an experiment on this blog as well. The average American eats 178 pounds of sugar every year, compared to  the 1930’s we ate 4 pounds per year. I consider myself an average American.

 As I've hit the age of 50 I notice when I gain a few pounds it is going to my mid section. I've been doing a bit of reading and it seems all the low calorie/ lowfat foods I've been eating for years is full of hidden sugars. I really did know that but am trying to be more aware of it now. If my pants won't button it is pretty hard to ignore!
How else can they take the fat out of products and still make it taste good? By adding sugar or sugar substitute.
Today I'm starting my fourth day with limited sugar and carb intake. I agree there are good carbs, but basically carbs turn into sugar so I am avoiding them as well. Day two has been the hardest so far as I felt I was having sugar withdrawals. I am allowing myself one glass a red  wine in the evening and a small piece of 85% cocoa, which isn't sweet at all, but does seem to take the edge off.

Have any of you cut out sugar for any length of time and want to tell me about your experience? I'm going to try it for 2 weeks, then slowly start adding some high fiber low gi carbohydrates. I'm hoping to free myself from artificial sugars, granola bars and other sweets. And looking forward to buttoning my jeans when the weather cools!!


  1. I have been trying to limit my sugar intake for a few years now. I find it not so hard to avoid the obvious stuff - I don't add sugar to stuff and I do not like artificial sweetners so I don't drink soda or other bottled stuff. I look for added sugar in canned stuff but I know I am missing things. I found this item recently that has a good list of what to look for
    It is a tricky thing.

  2. I have been trying as well to get sugar out of my diet. At first I felt tired and grumpy (withdrawl) but then very energized. I still indulge occassionaly but feel crummy when I do. Wheat is another no no in my diet as well. I am anxious to hear how you do.

  3. I went without sugar -- refined sugars -- for over a year and the difference it makes in your life is remarkable. I use the "formula" of sugar having to be the 5th ingredient or LOWER on a label before I'll eat that food. Hang in there...days 2-5 seem to be the hardest. Pretty soon you'll see your addiction break and then you'll wonder "what was the big deal?"

  4. Lori! This is do so weird! I started "no sugar" yesterday, so ths is day two! I have an atrocious headache, so I was truly addicted...but i feel lighter and better too!

  5. I found sugar added to canned kidney beans and rice vinegar. I was quite surprised.

  6. I too try to eliminate/limit sugar and "white" carbs. Sugar lurks EVERYWHERE, so it can be tricky. I feel so much better when I stay away from it, but somehow it still sneaks back into my diet.


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