Thursday, September 13, 2012


I went to my first ever Pilates class last night and LOVED it! It is only going to be one day a week for now but I think it will be a good addition to my running and weight training.

I'd love to know if you've attended Pilates and how you liked it and what improvements in your health or fitness did you notice.

Stay strong!!


  1. Lori,
    You have inspired me so much. I don't often leave comments here but must tell you that I think of you often. I started Zumba in mid July at a local Gym. Totally love it. About a week ago they added a Pilate/yoga class. I thought it would be a good addition to my Zumba routine so I decided to check it out.
    I WAS SORE THE ENTIRE DAY! It was a nice change from the fast pace dance routine. I will keep you posted.

  2. Lori,
    I have been to two pilates classes this month so far. The first one made me so sore I couldn't move. But the second one was a really good work out! I loved it also. It does help to change our exercise routine. Keep doing what your doing!

  3. I haven't don't pilates, but it's good to switch things up and keep those muscles guessing what you're going to challenge them with.

  4. I have a pilates dvd that I haven't done in awhile but I do like it to change things up


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