Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Half Marathon with Sven

Here we are the morning of the race. My daughter, Rene, Sven the celebration Gnome, and me.

Rain was predicted but the storm took longer to get on shore so it was a dry race! Yippee!!
A sea of women at the start line.
Look at the ominous clouds. At the start of the race it was about 57 degrees, so pretty warm considering how it looks. Here is a little turnaround on the mighty Columbia River.

Fort Vancouver off in the distance.
This year 25 men ran in the Pink Brigade. They had to raise $1000 each to participate.  They were pretty easy to spot on the course! lol

This is about mile 9 where my son Ken and Sven met me for a photo op. It was seriously what I needed. He told me Rene wasn't too far ahead and go catch her! (I never expected to, but it was good to hear)
My GPS said I got a little faster each mile after seeing him and being encouraged! Mile 10- 11:21, Mile 11-10:46, Mile 12-10:43 and mile 13- 10:28. I'm not going to break any records but I like seeing the power of encouragement on the course!!
I loved seeing mile 12 as it is a good feeling knowing there is only 1.1 miles to go!!
Yay! We did it!!
50 years and 5 months.....Watch for the adventures of Sven the gnome next month!!


  1. Congratulations Lori! Good on you! You were really blazing that trail.

    You've inspired me to do some low impact workout tomorrow morning ... it's been a while. We'll see how it goes.

  2. Aren't kids great? I love that they are there with you and I know just what you mean about mile 12 :)

  3. Congrats, Lori! I'm proud of you!
    Loved the photo of the man participating. That took courage! : )

  4. Woo-hoo! Way to go Lori! (and Sven, of course!) So awesome to have your kids there with you. Okay, how do you look just as good at the end as you do at the start??? :)


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