Monday, October 8, 2012

Portland Marathon 2012

Two years ago my son and my daughter ran the Portland Marathon. I don't think my daughter knew what she was starting when she told us she had signed up to run a marathon and joined a running group. Every year I think of how much fun we had cheering them on in the pouring rain. It was so exciting to see both of my kids cross the finish line.

 I don't have a full marathon on my bucket list, but next weekend I'll be running my third half marathon. I'm not sure any of it would be happening if my daughter hadn't made the decision to run the Portland marathon two years ago.


  1. yay for them and yay for her for motivating you!

  2. How great is that? I ran my first ever 5K couple of weeks ago!
    Always wanted to but never had the courage to sign up. This was totally last minute thing. Two moths of Zumba classes were enough to give 5K a try. It felt good to run for the National Brain Tumor Research foundation.

    You inspire me.
    Thank you!

  3. How wonderful for you all! Fantastic accomplishments. Good luck next weekend!! You go!


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