Friday, December 13, 2013


I can recommend the snow trax with no reservations! I've seen traction devices for your shoes at  REI and might invest $65 if I was doing a lot of hiking or climbing mountains, but for walking or running they were very helpful. There is nothing worse than falling on ice and snow. These really helped keep me upright and felt comfortable running in them as well. You can find them at Amazon. 

Needless to say with the temps below zero and snow, my mileage has fallen off dramatically. I'm hoping to at least get in 30 more miles this month.

With that said, I am glad to have the snow clearing a little. The weather has warmed to mid-30's. They say it's a warming trend.....A warming trend would be me in Hawaii! lol

Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. I'd love a warming trend in the 30"s, so I could open my shed door that is frozen shut, and I need to get some things out of it. I do have some ice grippers I put on my everyday day boots. We have a sloping chip seal driveway and it helps with walking that, although I try to stay off to the sides or in the middle of the car tracks.

  2. I need to check those out. My foot is finally healing and I am hoping to be able to walk soon.

  3. I hope I will not need a pair this winter! The do look cool


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