Monday, August 4, 2014


Part of staying healthy and active means spending time with my husband. We have really enjoyed going to music concerts together the past few years. We especially like the outdoor venues.

This would make a fun venue, instead it was a historic site on our way. It is the Stonehenge memorial in Maryhill, WA. It is a full scale replica of THE Stonehenge in England.  You can read about the WA version HERE.
The Columbia River separates Oregon and Washington state. Here is the view from Stonehenge.  The greenery is peach beach- lovely and delicious peach orchards. The bridge in the distance is one of a handful that crosses over the river.  A storm had passed through and it was 91 degrees when I took this photo. Most of the time there is a nice breeze, but not Saturday night!
The concert was at the MaryHill Winery. It was an amazing setting!

The bands we saw were Foreigner and Styx. This obviously was the finale of a terrific concert.
We were up pretty close and hubby caught a rolled up blanket they were throwing into the audience! 
What fun!

I hope you spend time with the ones you love. It's a good way to stay happy and healthy. 

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