Friday, August 8, 2014

What's in My Box?

What a beautiful box of produce this week!

Jalapeno & Mixed Peppers - I did a little beef stir fry, but not with Asian influence. Just a little olive oil with garlic, kosher salt and freshly ground pepper on my veggie pan on the grill. (I still have a few more peppers) Still looking for ideas.

Green Cabbage- looking for fresh ideas for cabbage too.
 Shishito Peppers - I have a recipe and plan on sauteing them in a black cast iron pan with olive oil.

Carrots,  Head Lettuce-  I'll eat these fresh.
and Green Beans (I didn't need more of these!)  lightly sauteed. 

Lizzy suggested this LINK for the green beans. Unfortunately neither my husband or I like pickled anything except pickles! LOL

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! I have another green bean recipe-----trim, blanch, rinse in cold water and pat dry. Marinate in a sweet olive oil vinaigrette [just the oil, salt, pepper, good vinegar or meon juice. Make it rather sweet with sugar or Splenda. More oil than vinegar] Refrigerate overnite. To serve, bring to room temp and top with toasted pignolis [pine nuts]. Good side dish but we like them as a snack food / finger food.

    OR you could do like my mom: boil the heck out of them with salt pork or a hambone.

    Last, GBs are excellent in stir fries.


  2. Hi,
    for the green beans; I put spaghetti sauce (your preferred recipe) on the cooked green beans with cheese (optional)
    and I like grilled cabbage (cut lenghtwise) with olive oil (add a little bit of dill seed for gas/flatulence and flavor) and I usually eat it with sausages or grilled meat

    1. Sounds delicious Carole. Thanks!! The dill seed with cabbage sounds like a nice change up.


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