Friday, September 5, 2014

What's in My Box?

There isn't a lot of color in my box this week. These are my plans.

Yellow beans: keep it simple and eat them with dinner. 
Kohlrabi: I wasn't a fan last year when I tried this but I am going to try THIS. 
Tomatillas: Looks like I'll have to purchase a few more and make green enchilada sauce. 
Savoy cabbage: I'll use some like THIS and make a healthy cabbage soup with the rest of it.
Mint: I'm not a fan of mint in recipes, but will use this in tea and maybe try it cold in my everyday drinking water.
Gravestein apples- going to enjoy these fresh. (yum!)

The little round cherry pepper was also in my produce box. I asked my friendly farmer/neighbor to give me a variety of peppers and the one on the top was in the bag. These pups are lip burners, eye waters, and overall HOT as heck! I found out the top one is cayenne. I can handle hot, but not quite this hot. 

I'm getting back on the healthier eating bandwagon next week. (been eating healthy, but can do better) So I am eliminating all sugars and processed foods from my diet for 10 days starting September 8.  (I have a race coming up and plan on fueling appropriately) Anybody want to join me?


  1. This has been a crazy food week for me. I haven't gotten back to my good choices for lunches so I end up hungry. Fortunately no junk in the house :). I am in on more clean eating with you.

  2. Good luck on your race Lori. All those hills!! I don't envy you but know you've been training hard.....have fun!

  3. Funny how your box lacked color this time! Apples coming back - yay!! I love braised cabbage...have it often for breakfast, actually! Weird, I know. Your race is next weekend, right? So you are on taper this week, resting up for it?


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