Friday, February 27, 2015

Whats in My Box?

In my produce box this week:
Sugarloaf Borca Chicory - Good Food Easy
German Butterball Potatoes - Juniper Jungle Farm
Collards - Organic Redneck
Carrots, Brussles Sprouts, - Cinco Estrellas
Empire Apple - Columbia Gorge Organics
Green D'Anjou Pear - Mt. Hood Organics

Look at these gorgeous potatoes I got this week.  I've never heard of German butterball before. They were very good.

I'm not loving collard greens too much but the chicory was okay. 

Do you like collard greens? How do you like to eat them?


  1. Such beautiful produce, I am envious. The German Butterball potatoes look delicious. I hope some make it back east for us to try.

    I don t think collards are meant to be eaten raw. Don t they have to be braised for hours with a ham hock? [eeew.]. I d probably make them like spinach, wash thoroughly but don t dry, slice into ''ribbons''. Put in a large sautee pan with minced garlic and olive oil and steam them for 5 or so minutes. The water in the washed leaves should be sufficient to cook. Sprinkle bacon on top if desired. But my mom did the long cook ham way, my dad liked southern foods.

  2. I am not sure I have ever had collard greens. I did get parsnips today for a new soup recipe.


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