Wednesday, August 26, 2015

C'mon With Me on a Scenic Run

 While out camping this past weekend I thought I'd go ahead and stick with my running schedule which called for a 10 mile run!

 The first mile was on dirt/ dust road. I was up and going pretty early so I wasn't too concerned with traffic blowing dust. I love seeing my surroundings up close and personal!
 You may be able to see how white the brush is next to the road. It is so dry and dusty and it coats everything close to the road. Love these big trees in the forest! I live in the desert and do not have tall trees like this.
 The north fork of the Clackamas River. 
 This doesn't look steep but it was a steady climb to the 5 mile point.

 I climbed about 1000 feet in elevation . It was so nice to know that what goes up must come down!
This was the best 10 miles I've done in a long time.  Thanks for coming along with me on my run!

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  1. Beautiful run, Lori! 10 miles of nature is good for the soul!


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