Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 3 DeTox

Made it through day 2!! I forgot one of our employees was taking an extra day off so wasn't fully prepared to work all day. I didn't get any exercise in, which I am really shooting for every day, but I did resist all the cookies and chocolate that I had hubby bring to work to get out of the house. I set my intention to NOT indulge no matter what and it helped keep me focused.
I did get a bit of a headache in the afternoon, and take that as a withdrawal sign! LOL I drank more fluids to combat it.
I didn't get to journal either, but am hoping today to do that.
I look forward to making an afternoon green smoothie today for lunch.

My plan: stay focused
exercise 30 minutes
continue drinking 64 oz water.

How will you succeed today?


  1. I'm off to have lunch with my dad today but fortunately they have some really good salad choices at his place. Having cleaned out the fridge has really helped 😀

  2. Lori, you made me miss my vitamix sitting in PA home as we speak. Can't wait to get back to my routine. Walking in San Francisco has been interesting. Some days I reach my goal of 10,000 steps easily but not every day.


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