Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DeTox day 2

If you are joining me on a detox, how did day 1 go? Or what kind of prep did you do to get ready?

I made it through day 1 and did very well. Although I'm going to try even harder to drink most of my water in the morning and early afternoon- not evening!

 I am not tracking my food intake or calories, it isn't about that right now. It is about clearing the junk out of my body, my cells, and my pores! I know today will be more difficult and that only tells me it is working, right?
I plan on journaling how I am feeling. I weighed myself this morning, but it was more for a reality check, not because I must lose XX amount of weight. It makes me more determined to succeed today.

For breakfast I had a scrambled egg + egg white with avocado. That should keep me satisfied for several hours. I know Dr Hyman loves nuts as a snack, but I eat way too many of them to keep at home, so I'll forgo that and eat some raw veggies instead.

What's your plan to make it through day 2 successfully? Leave a comment or send an email. Rori, you are a no-reply commenter so I have no way of contacting you.

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  1. Food prep! That is the key for me. I have my planner for the week to show what we will eat for dinner. I am doing smoothies for breakfast and soup for lunch. I buy nuts and put them in single serving size containers so I don't over do. I also have a container of cut veggies and appl slice for a quick grab.


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