Saturday, January 2, 2016

DeTox Day 6

I suppose this may get a bit boring since I'm not sharing any new revelations, but it is good for me to write my commitment down.

Every day in Dr Hyman's book he has you focus on a certain word and write your feelings about it. Day 5 was Listen. Listen to what your body is telling you. Are you feeding your feelings instead of feeding your feelings? As a Weight Watcher leader for almost 10 years I saw this a lot. People, myself included, eating, but not because we were hungry and needed nourishment, but for other reasons. It's good to feel those feelings so you can process them and move forward.It doesn't have to be a big emotional issue, even boredom is a feeling.

From the book, "How we feel plays a major role in how we care for ourselves on a physical level, and now is your chance to clean house and set the stage for long term success."

Day 6 word and journal focus is Think. We must stop limiting our beliefs about what we can accomplish and rephrase our beliefs in the positive.
What you think is what you generally do.
Think big! You can accomplish so much more than you think!!


  1. Powerful words! So much of it is mindset, for sure.

  2. Those are great words, helps us stay intentional.


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