Sunday, January 3, 2016

DeTox Day 7

Today;'s word and journal focus is Nurture. Keeping stress at bay is an important piece in the puzzle of a healthy life. 

One way I nurture myself and show self care is by hiking. Nature has a way of bringing me peace. (so does the warm weather I'm dreaming about this winter)

Other suggestions for nurturing from Dr Hyman's book:

Take five breathing breaks. (concentrate on your breath, not what's going on around you)

Active relaxing- yoga, meditation, tai chi, listening to music.

Vigorous exercise.

Heat therapy- like a warm bath

Connect with others.

As a quilter being in my sewing room creating is a stress buster too!

What do you do to unwind from stress. (wine is not a healthy option!) LOL


  1. Lori,
    So how is this going so far? and what drew you to this book?

  2. Stress busters--walking in nature, easy because I live on an acreage, working in the garden, doing mindless jobs, like sewing, cracking black walnuts, picking out walnuts, reading a good book, cutting scraps, relaxing in my recliner.

  3. Yoga, knitting, reading if I can't get outside. A run is good. The key for me is to find some quiet time.

  4. Stress is a biggie. Being active outdoors is the best!


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